Inman Perk Coffee- Gainesville, GA

Head on over to Inman Perk Coffee Shop in Gainesville, GA…their slogan says they are ‘One of Life’s Little Perks!’ and I have to agree with that sentiment.  I was travelling through North Georgia recently and a wonderful thing is happening there…it is suddenly Fall.  The skies are a startling shade of blue, the leaves are green transitioning to brown/red/yellow and the air has turned cool…I digress 🙂 .

In the historic part of Gainesville there is a quaint little square, that is where you’ll find Inman Perk Coffee.  This place is super hip and charming with that wonderful Southern hospitality that you’d expect of this region.  Outside the shop, on a brick walkway there are umbrella tables where you can enjoy a cup of fancy coffee, regular coffee, a pastry, a sandwich, or some Jake’s Ice Cream.  Upon approaching the shop there is more outdoor seating behind a beautiful iron work gate.

Inman Perk

The day that I visited was a gorgeous, clear, cool fall day; so there were many people having their steamy cups of caffeinated bliss where they could enjoy the weather.  Inside the shop, your eyes are treated to trendy lighting, comfy chic seating, beautiful local art, a piano and of course wi-fi.  It is safe to say that once you step inside Inman you will experience the ultimate relaxed coffee shop atmosphere, and you might not want to leave, I know I didn’t!

Another reason to love Inman…they are all about community,

 …we’d like to introduce you to our free, community-driven, music, art, performance, and custom events program.  Simply put -coffee stores run on community -and that’s why we like to offer our community a free place to host their public events.

Inman Perk Coffee

Now on to the really good stuff, the coffee.  At Inman they are committed to fair trade products and sustainable  coffee, and boy is it good!  I had a Non-fat Yin and Yang Mocha and my friend had a Peppermint Cocoa…both were excellent.  The chocolate flavor was not too bitter in either drink and the syrups did not take away from the taste of the espresso (in the Mocha), there is a delicate balance you know!

I grabbed my coffee on the go but next time I’m in Gainesville, Ga, I’ll have to stick around and relax while enjoying my cup on the patio or listening to some great music.  Go to their website and check them out if you ever want a unique atmospheric place to get your caffeine fix.  Better yet just stop by and visit the fine folks at Inman (either in Atlanta or Gainesville), you won’t be disappointed.

One Response to “Inman Perk Coffee- Gainesville, GA”
  1. Doug Jennings says:

    Someday I would like to get a cup of coffee at Inman coffee.

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