Petites by Starbucks (Update)

Starbucks Petites


Starbucks Petites

Starbucks Petites

Today I went to Starbucks to check out their current deal.

‘Buy a hand-crafted beverage and get one of their new ‘petites’ snacks for FREE.’

Well  I love dessert, and it was free…so I wasn’t about to pass this up.  I walked up to the pastry display case to behold the tasty new additions and they were so cute that I just wanted to take them all home 🙂  I ordered a grande non-fat iced peppermint mocha and a rocky road cake pop.  My dessert deal companion selected a red velvet whoopie pie to go with her coffee concoction.  My rocky road pop was tasty and cute; a perfect snack really…the flavors weren’t too rich,  and I didn’t leave the experience feeling like I might have just gained 5lbs lol.  What it is: a ball of moist chocolate cake covered in semi-sweet chocolate and topped with chopped almonds and mini marshmallows.  Quite reminiscent of the goodies you’ll find on the blog by Bakerella (for the adventurous DIY’ers to duplicate this at home).

With one day left of this deal I might just have to stop by tomorrow to try out another petite dessert 😉  I suggest you try them out too, you might be pleasantly surprised!


Tribute Badge

Tribute Badge

PS.  So I might be a social media addict…but I’m not admitting to anything 😉  However when I went to Starbucks I checked in and received a new badge; the ‘Tribute Badge from sbux can be unlocked until March 12, 2011 at midnight…the bonus is that by unlocking this badge, you are eligible to win a $40 Starbucks  gift cards…check it out here. This is another component of their 40th birthday celebration.  Just thought I’d share that little tid bit!


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