The Gallery Espresso- Savannah, Ga.

The Gallery Espresso exterior

This weekend was great for travelling in the state of Georgia.  Warm weather in the high 70’s and lower 80’s’ means spring is here and there is no better time for a trip to the coast.  Savannah is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend.  The city is so rich in history and beauty that it is difficult to take it all in in one trip.  One little city filled with artsy shops, colorful locals, ghost stories, fantastic restaurants and spilling over with pre-civil war architecture and traditions definitely keeps you on the go during your stay.  Luckily, being a Savannah frequenter I knew the perfect place to grab an iced coffee while strolling the picturesque tree-lined squares of the town.


The Gallery Espresso exterior

The Gallery Espresso exterior

The Gallery Espresso, AKA “The Oldest Coffee House in Savannah,”  is a nifty little coffee shop.  Located on one of the corners of Chippewa Square, they offer coffees and teas as you’d suspect.  However, they also boast a great breakfast, lunch and local dessert menu… and they serve wine too!  This place definitely has ambiance, with eclectic furniture and cozy seating, warm wood work and lots of windows letting in natural light; this is a wonderful place to stop in and sit for a while before further Savannah explorations.


The Gallery Espresso interior

The Gallery Espresso interior

As the name implies, Gallery Espresso is just that, an art gallery.  Savannah is definitely an artsy place- the home of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), a centuries old city full of antique shops and street artists in the many squares all over the city.  In the coffee shop you’ll find the walls lined with paintings from local artists and coffee/tea related ceramic and glass pieces in display cases scattered throughout the seating area, all for sale.

Whether it’s warm outside and you are looking for a rest stop on your tour through the city or a chilly winter day and you need something to warm your insides, Gallery Espresso is the place to check out.  I recommend their mochas, made with rich, thick chocolate and fine European coffee, they are quite irresistible for a chocolate lover like me! On this trip to Gallery, I cooled off with an iced nonfat coconut mocha.


The Gallery Espresso

The Gallery Espresso

I recommend The Gallery Espresso to any coffee lovers visiting Savannah, or locals.  Sure they have all of the chain coffee stores, but there is something about going to local restaurants and stores when travelling that really gives you a feel for that city.  Let me know if you ever visit Gallery and tell me what you think!

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