Savannah Bee Honey

Winter White honey


Savannah Bee Honey

Savannah Bee Honey: (clockwise) Winter White, Black Sage, Sourwood

So I might have gone a little overboard at this shop when I visited Savannah, Ga. recently.  But hey, that’s what a stay/va-cation is for right? Savannah Bee Company is, as you might have deduced from the name, a honey company based in Savannah, Georgia.  A real little gem of a shop on the main shopping street of Savannah, it’s a great place to pick up some honey (and other honey based products) that you can’t even try to compare to your store-bought honey.

I’ll admit, I never really thought much about honey varieties and flavors…I just bought honey off the shelf when a recipe called for it.  Well the honey tasting experience at Savannah Bee completely changed my perceptions!  They take you through about 7 honeys, from sweet flower based honey to savory herb and bush based honey to whipped honey and then an actual honeycomb (OMG It’s honey bliss).  I was amazed to find that all of them tasted so unique…and delicious!  All of the honeys are Kosher and 100% raw honey.  They have a Georgia wildflower honey made from local flowers that they say is great for those with allergies (for Georgia residents) to help build your resistance…how neat!

The ‘Winter White‘ honey was my favorite, it tastes like frosting with a honey flavor, mmmmmm.  It is an Idaho wildflower honey that is whipped.  The girl at the store said that she likes it on top of homemade cinnamon buns, now that sounds like a challenge that I will soon be fulfilling!


Winter White honey

Winter White Honey

Here is where the coffee comes in…Today I tried a half teaspoon of the Winter White honey in my coffee and it was a fantastic sweetener.  I stuck with a plain creamer (soy milk) so that I didn’t take away from the subtle flavors of the wildflower honey.  I can’t wait to try this in all of my different coffees now!  At Savannah Bee they also had Honey Roasted coffee for sale, I haven’t tried it yet but be sure to look for another post when I brew my first pot of it 🙂

If you are ever in Savannah, stop by and taste their honey and pick up a few necessities! I snagged some of their award-winning lip balm (it was featured in Marie Claire!), beeswax hand cream, Sourwood honey, Black Sage honey, Winter White honey and of course the Honey Roasted coffee.  It is a fun and delicious experience…if you go let me know which honey was your favorite 🙂


Black Sage and Sourwood honey

Black Sage and Sourwood honey

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