DIY Lattes via Fabulous on a Budget

Time Saving TIP: If you have Gmail and you aren’t following your favorite blogs on Google Reader you should check it out.  It is, in my opinion, the most convenient way to check in with all of my favorite blogs everyday.   And did I mention that it’s simple, yep, super duper simple.  If you have Gmail there is a link to your reader at the very top left of your screen.  Once you are in your reader you just add the urls of your favorite blogs (I follow many food, fashion and DIY blogs…for a mostly complete list of the blogs in my reader take a look at my blogroll to the right of all of my posts) and then it pulls all new posts into the reader.  Now you’ll never have to visit 20+ sites every day just to stay in the loop.


Google Reader

Google Reader

Okay, now that we’ve covered Reader, I can tell you about one of the fantastic fashion blogs I follow…you say, “But what does this have to do with coffee Mo?” and I reply, “Just keep reading and you will be rewarded with a wonderful, cheap, DIY coffee solution!”

Fabulous on a Budget is a cute blog  that is written by Mary and Leah, two California girls tyring to maintain the fabulous life on a reasonable budget.  They have become so popular that their on-air fashion and interior advice has been featured on The Style Channel, HGTV, Discovery Networks, FIDM productions, LACMA Home & Garden Tour, KTLA and various print & online publications…you go girls!

DIY: Yesterday in my reader I found this great post by Leah on how to make  Fabulous Lattes for Less with a coffee press and ingredients that you’ve probably got at home.  I have been on the fence about buying a coffee press for some time now but this post sold me on its worth.

So my little coffee lovers, head on over to their blog (link inserted in the preceding sentence) and whip up some fancy coffee at a fraction of the price!


6 Responses to “DIY Lattes via Fabulous on a Budget”
  1. Rachael says:

    Google Reader is such a life saver! I also have the MobileRSS app on my phone so I can read new posts throughout the day (I probably follow too many to be honest!). Love your blog, Megan! Fabulous lattes for less? Yes, please!

    • mmarnall says:

      Thanks Rachael! Google Reader is amazing…I can’t believe how many people I run into that have never heard of it. So there is a mobile RSS app..I might have to get into this 🙂 Do you have a droid or an iphone?

      Fabulous lattes for less…I’m definitely buying a french press…doing the foam like they did in the article is SOOO much easier than using an espresso machine to froth milk.

      • Rachael says:

        I have an iPhone. I think I just searched for google reader and the MobileRSS app was the first result. I’m sure the droid has one too.

  2. Rachael says:

    Also, I own a french press and love it! I can’t wait to make my own latte.

  3. mmarnall says:

    Thanks! I just downloaded the google reader app for my droid…Now I’ll have something to do when I have to wait in long lines 🙂

    I can’t wait to try the lattes either…right after I buy that press lol. Let me know how yours turns out!

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