Tim Hortons- Toronto, Canada

Tim Hortons Coffee


Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons Coffee

What do I love more than coffee? That would be people in my life who enable me to drink more coffee!  I’m telling you this because recently my boyfriend went on a  trip to Toronto, Canada and visited several of their local coffee houses so that I could broaden my coffee horizons.  What a sweetheart, he even brought me back a tin of Tim Hortons coffee and a travel mug from Second Cup.  He even agreed to write a review of the coffeehouses he visited while he was there, I thought that you’d like to hear his opinions since he actually visited the shops!

Mark’s Review:

Hello coffee lovers and friends of Megan. I’ve been asked to write about my exploration of Canadian coffee. I know my writing can come nowhere near the cuteness levels of my girlfriend. However, if a blog post about Canadian coffee is cute then I need to reevaluate my blogging.

I was in Toronto recently and I decided to bring Megan some Tim Hortons coffee. I had to endure two stops by TSA security who were curious about the contents of the tin can in my bag.

I first heard about the joys of Tim Hortons coffee in South Korea. My bearded Canadian co-worker had an empty tin in his apartment and I marvelled at the Canadian wonder. (the tin not the beard).  Three years later Megan and I finally discovered the joys of the coffee.  Super strong but enjoyable. It is easy to see why it is beloved in the Great White North. I’m surprised Robin Sparkles doesn’t have a song about it.


Second Cup Coffee

Second Cup Coffee

Megan and I love the movie Scott Pilgrim and in that film Scott’s sister works in a coffee shop called Second Cup. I stopped by the local Seond cup and enjoyed a cup. I wanted to pick up some of their own brand but all they had was the pretentious stuff that was raised in Latvia then transferred to Ethiopia. So, I bought Megan another mug to add to her massive collection. One neat thing is that it looks the same as a huge mug I got from starbucks. So, now we have his and hers mugs.

The trip was great and the coffee was fantastic. Try it out sometime!


His and Hers Mugs

His and Hers Mugs

So you heard it, from the great movie reviewer Mark Hofmeyer, if you are in Canada (or NYC) go check out Tim Hortons and Second Cup for an international coffeehouse.  Also, if you like Mark’s writing, check out his blog at Movies, Films and Flix!


6 Responses to “Tim Hortons- Toronto, Canada”
  1. Tim Main says:

    I know its akin to sacrilege to say it, but I always thought that Tim Horton’s was overrated. I mean, when I lived in Canada I went there almost every day because they have drive throughs, but the coffee was a bit … standard.

    /please don’t hurt me, Canadians
    //just an opinion
    ///not a troll

    • mmarnall says:

      Thanks for the comment Tim! Tim Hortons is pretty good, really strong for sure and I didn’t get the pleasure of tasting Second Cup but from what I’ve read online they have tasty white mochas and lattes. Mark laughed his butt off at your comment and reminisced about your poker games. I checked out your website, there is some beautiful art work on there! I love the jewelry boxes and the tea cups with the flower handles are just amazing and so detailed.

      • Tim Main says:

        Tell Mark that I still throw tantrums (and chips, occasionally!) but it’s nothing a few years of therapy won’t cure….

        I’m glad you liked the site. It’s taking longer than we thought to get it going, but hopefully soon the word will get out!

      • mmarnall says:

        Well I am definitely considering buying one of the jewelry boxes, I have been looking for one about that size. Mark says he’d love for you to post on his blog if you ever want to (http://www.moviesfilmsandflix.wordpress.com/)! The same goes for me, I am always looking for new and adventurous coffee places to post about. If there is an interesting coffee place in Korea that you’d like to post about, just write up a couple of paragraphs and send it to me (megan.arnall@gmail.com) and I will post it under guest posts with a credit to you! So nice meeting you…online that is 🙂

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