Redeye Coffee- Tallahassee, Fl

Redeye Menu
Redeye Menu

Redeye Menu

I called Tallahassee, Florida  home for 6 years of my life while I worked on my undergrad and post-grad degrees at the Florida State University.  When I first got to Tally, there were two Starbucks, both at opposite sides of town and neither on campus.  As for local coffee shops…little to none.  A couple of years into my Seminole experience, along came The Coffee Pub, a local non-profit coffee shop run by a church that had the BEST coffee.  Located in the (as of then, unrealized) trendy little spot known as Midtown.  Not too much time passed and my favorite local spot turned into Redeye Coffee, which I will be telling you about today!

Redeye Coffee is a non-profit coffee shop serving Organic Fair Trade grounds that is located in the perfect location, if you are asking me!  Midtown is located close enough to campus for students with cars or those who take the bus, but far enough off campus to attract more locals and hot be a noisy student hot-spot.  Midtown Tallahassee has come a long ways since I started at FSU; what was an empty shopping strip is now home to trendy boutiques, one of my favorite Irish pubs (Finnegan’s Wake, go there!), a Wine & Tapas bar, a Brazilian steak house, and a salon. It is within walking distance of several other boutiques, restaurants (both fancy-Chez Pierre and not so fancy- WhatABurger, Paradise Bar & Grill), and another wine bar.

Enough about Midtown though….let’s talk about Redeye Coffee!  Red Eye has a pretty large piece of real estate, which allows them to host small music shows or just be a great hang out with cozy seating and friendly folks.  Tallahassee, being the capital city of Florida is typically a-buzz with politicians and lobbyists who are in-session or campaigning.  I have seen many of these folks enjoying a cup at Red Eye and some even filming political videos and interviews in the coffee shop…maybe you’ll spot one too.  Offering free wi-fi, Red Eye is also a great place to bring your computer and do some if want to get out of the house for a bit.  You can always feel good about spending some cash on a fancy cup of coffee here because all of their proceeds go to local, national, international food charities…  plus their brewed coffee and espresso drinks all taste delicious!  They have a really wide variety of flavor syrups too, so you can go crazy mixing and matching!  I LOVE coconut mochas and they have a macadamia nut syrup that I liked to pair with it at Red Eye…yum! It’s like a Hawaiian vacation in a cup 🙂  Don’t hesitate to get one of their baked goods. They have health conscious (but still delicious) muffins, breads and bagels…the muffins are my favorite though.

So stop by Redeye, grab a cup of joe, help out the world, and let me know what you think!

Redeye Coffee

Redeye Coffee

Follow Red Eye on twitter for deals, shows, and other tasty updates: @RE3EYE

Visit them at Midtown: Red Eye

1122-7 Thomasville Road

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 425-5701 ‎

Brewing: Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm, Sunday- Closed

On another note: If you are ever in Tally you should also check out All Saints Cafe. I never visited but I hear that it’s a great place to relax, grab a coffee or tea, grab a snack, and study or use the wi-fi to web surf!

Go Noles!



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