Macadamia Coconut Mochas at Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee Mocha

I’ve mentioned my love of coconut mochas before on this blog and this will probably not be the last time you hear about them :).  Starbucks used to sell a mocha toasted coconut frappuccino that was delicious, with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut on top! Mmm! But then they stopped and it has never returned.  So I continue my search for coconut mochas, asking coffee shops all over the country if they serve coconut syrup and then asking for a coconut mocha.  But none of them really have that special something that I am looking for, until….

On my most recent visit to Caribou Coffee, I was browsing the menu, looking for what tasty concoction I would order and there was a promotional sign…

Macadamia Coconut Mochas

White, Milk & Dark Chocolate

‘Vacation in a Cup’

for a Limited Time


YAY! I finally found it, my coconut mocha! A great spring drink, sweet but not too sweet (especially when you order it with dark chocolate), get it hot for those spring days that are still pretty cold. And an even more fantastic early summer drink when you get it iced.  With a hint of coconut, a little bit of macadamia nuttiness, and lots of chocolate flavor; these are great compliments to espresso and Caribou gets the formula just right.


So head on over to your local Caribou Coffee establishment and try a macadamia coconut mocha folks! They are limited so don’t wait too long! 🙂



Caribou Coffee Mocha

Caribou Coffee Mocha



If you are unfamiliar with the wonders of Caribou Coffee, they have some great brewed coffee and really inventive, tasty drinks.  For the novices I recommend:

Chocolate lovers:

  • Macadamia Coconut Mocha-
  • Mint Condition- cool mint added to a mocha made with your choice of premium chocolate (dark, milk or white) and then top with whipped cream and Andes® mints.
  • Turtle Mocha- made with your choice of premium chocolate (dark, milk or white) melted into steamed milk and then combined with our rich espresso and caramel syrup, finishing with whipped cream and Snickers® bits.
  • Campfire Mocha- premium chocolate of your choice (dark, milk or white) into steamed milk, combining with espresso and marshmallow flavor and then top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

*Go Northern Lite for a healthier alternative! (Sugar free syrups and skim milk)


Plain and simple:

  • Brewed coffee with a shot of caramel



  • Blended Chai- picy chai, cold milk and ice blended into refreshing, creamy perfection.
  • Hot Chocolate




3 Responses to “Macadamia Coconut Mochas at Caribou Coffee”
  1. mhofmeyer says:

    Yum. I still love the regular coffee with a shot of caramel. I’m gonna get one later!

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  1. […] But chocolate and coconut and of course coffee is one of my faaaaaavorite combinations, which you already […]

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