Gas Station Coffee Adventures

Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Latte in a Can

Have you ever been on a road trip… getting tired, in need of a caffinated beverage, but you don’t know where you are and you haven’t seen your coffee chain of choice in a while?  Gas stations can be the answer to your dilemma!  I never thought of getting a pretentious latte at a gas station- but you might be surprised by what you’ll find inside.  Here are some of the best coffee finds I’ve come across on the road…

  • QuikTrip AKA QT – They have a massive instant latte machine bar.  Lots of flavors, different strengths, lots of flavored creamers to add in.  It’s all self service so you can mix and match to your heart’s delight.  They also have plain brewed coffee that you can add in for more strength or flavor.  The best part about all of this? Its really cheap, we are talking a dollar-something for a medium coffee.
  • RaceTrac– I have been to several of these locations and they have the ultimate custom latte experience.  Pick from plain brewed coffee, iced coffee, or an instant flavored latte and then take it over to a refrigerated section where you can add flavored syrups, milk, flavored creamers, sugars, soy milk, plain creamer, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and much more.  Again, all of this fun and tasty stuff for a really great price! About two dollars and change for a 16/20 oz drink.
  • Other options: In the refrigerators of most gas stations you will find the typical energy drinks, Starbucks Frappuccino in a bottle, Starbucks Double Shot in  can, and other similar bottled drinks.


Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Latte in a Can

Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Latte in a Can


My latest find (and possibly greatest) was the other day when my boyfriend stopped at a Shell Station to fill up.  I went into the store to see if there was anything interesting and what did I find?? Seattle’s Best Iced Latte in a Can!!!  Alright, so maybe I love Seattle’s Best Coffee a little too much, and maybe I’m going through withdrawl because they have closed all of the Border’s Bookstores near me where I can get said coffee lol.  However these are still a great find.  The lattes come in Vanilla, Mocha and Regular.  I was able to get chocolate and regular and they are really tasty!  Sometimes coffee in a can can be too sweet or doesn’t quite taste like coffee but this still has that smooth Seattle’s Best flavor.  Plus the cans have great packaging, check out the one for the regular iced latte…yes, it really says “Coffee, Milk, Sugar &Awesome” haha.  The Mocha can says, “Coffee, Milk, Sugar & Chocolatness”…very cute and funny packaging.   I definitely recommend picking some up if you see them in your local gas station.


Awesome in a Can

Awesome in a Can


Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Lattes in a Can

Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Lattes in a Can

So next time you are on a road trip or just cruising around, stop by one of these places and try the coffee,  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Also, if you visit or know of any other good gas station coffee, give me a comment and let me know so I can check it out 🙂


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