Coconut Mochas at Starbucks…people are talking about them but I still haven’t seen them in stores yet….until

Today I was walking through the mall, exiting actually, when I was lured into Starbucks by the irresistible aroma of coffee.  I really didn’t need coffee, it was almost dinner time but I figured hey, why not check on the coconut mochas?  Well I inquired and this is what the barista said,

She showed me that they had the coconut syrup and the toasted coconut that goes on top of the whipped cream but they hadn’t been trained to make them yet so they weren’t serving them.

Bummer 😦

Oh well at least I  can tell you all that they are almost ready, and hey they might even be serving them in your local Starbucks! Just ask 🙂


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  1. […] I know that it isn’t summer anymore. But chocolate and coconut and of course coffee is one of my faaaaaavorite combinations, which you already know. […]

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