Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Iced Coconut Coffee

Favorite Pink Mug

Today I finally get to tell you about my coffee and coconut milk!  I know, my poor readers, you are probably sick of hearing about coconut milk and PureCoconut by Silk…I swear they are not endorsing me in any way…I just find products that I like and love to tell people about them, hoping that they will find the same joy that I do in that product. Cheesy? Yes. Most definitely. But that’s me 🙂


Favorite Pink Mug

Favorite Pink Mug

Today’s cup of Mo- Iced Coconut Coffee

  • Regular brewed coffee (cooled)
  • a packet of artificial sweetener (I use the sucralose ones)
  • a generous splash of Silk PureCoconut
  • Ice

– I mix all of this together with a cup of ice, then it is in to my oft used and sadly scarred up favorite pink travel mug!


I have to say, for the creamy richness that you get when you drink the PureCoconut (plain, no coffee), it doesn’t translate into the coffee like a creamer or half-and-half or whole milk would.  There is a very subtle taste of coconut but it’s pleasant, not enough to offend someone who doesn’t like coconut.  I honestly wish the taste was a little stronger once poured into the coffee…but hey, I love coconut 🙂  I also bought the PureCoconut in Vanilla flavor, so at a future time I shall have to see if that makes a difference in the coffee.


It’s just about iced coffee break time, so give this a try and have a splendid Wednesday!



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