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Clive Cussler's Latest Books

I love the image of curling up on the couch (preferably by a fire) on a cool winter afternoon with a good book and a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa. The summertime version of that is getting sun on a lounge chair on the beach with a good book and an iced or frozen coffee concoction.  Summer is almost here and it is definitely warm enough to catch some rays by the pool with coffee and book in tow where I am, so I though I’d share some my reading list for the summer with you (and hopefully give you some inspiration!).


Clive Cussler's Latest Books

Clive Cussler's Latest Books

Anything by Clive Cussler- His latest books are The Jungle, Crescent Dawn, Lost Empire, and The Kingdom (being released 6/07/11) .  I have his entire collection, I love reading these nautically themed adventure novels, they are great reads for the beach or curled up in bed.  Even if you are new to is various series, don’t be intimidated by this author.  All of his books are pretty much stand alone stories and he does a good job of introducing you to all of the usual suspects throughout each book.

City of Thieves

City of Thieves: A Novel by David Benioff– What a great book this is! I am currently reading this- it is a story about two young men in Russia during WWII on a mission.  I don’t want to tell you what the mission is or what happens to them along the way, because it is such a fun and sometimes dark adventure..but always interesting! Benioff definitely knows how to write a good story and characters that you can get  in to.

Millennium Trilogy

Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson– These books aren’t new but they are still wildly popular.  I have seen all three of the Swedish movies based on these books and they were fantastic! I recommend them to you (my review’s of the movies on Mark’s Movie Blog here).  I can’t wait to get a hold of these books this summer and read about the characters the way that Larsson described them…if the books are anything like the movies, you are sure to not be disappointed!

Onward by Howard Shultz

Onward by Howard Schultz– Of course I had to recommend this! (duh, it’s about coffee…and this is a coffee blog!) I haven’t read it yet, but it is definitely on my summer reading list.  I have heard amazing reviews about this tale of how Howard Schultz returned to Starbucks as CEO to lead them trough the tough economic times.  It’s a case study of a successful service company, a book about leadership, and a book about learning how to lead the right way.



It’s Summertime! Well, kind of, almost…at least it feels like summer to me 🙂  The weather is warm enough to lay by a pool or on the beach, outside under the umbrellas or on the porch (because some of us are from the country) of your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee.  I suggest the following to pair with your new reading material:

So get out there and get your reading on…but don’t forget your coffee on the side! 🙂

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