Fashionable and Earth Friendly Coffee

In the past few years the environmental movement has really picked up.  In the coffee world that has translated to a push for more people to bring in reusable cups for their drinks (instead of using cups from the supply in-store), coffee packaging (cups, coffee sleeves, napkins, bags, etc) to be made with higher amounts of post consumer recycled materials, and reusable coffee accessories (coffee sleeves, straws).

fair trade and organic symbols

Symbols to look for when buying eco-friendly coffee

This also applies to the coffee beans as well.  If you,  a coffee loving consumer, are concerned about the environment then you should be looking for shade grown, organic and fair trade coffees.  Shade grown means that the land the coffee is grown on isn’t cleared and used only for coffee.  Instead the coffee is grown under a canopy of trees where birds and other wildlife can flourish. Because of the shade weed growth is discouraged, the coffee is protected from frost, and though the coffee takes longer to mature many think that it tastes better and more complex.  Organic coffee has to be produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides (growing in the shade actually is good for not having to use these chemicals!), but is often known to yield lower volume crops.  Organic also refers to the methods that the coffee makers used to produce the beans (recycling practices, composting, etc). Fair trade coffee is purchased directly from the growers for a higher price.  These higher rates aren’t driven down in order to cut costs for the large coffee roaster and they ensure that these small growers will be able to sustain their families more comfortably. **

As the former owner of my favorite local coffee spot (Sweetwater Coffee House in Sautee, GA) would say, “Not just a cup, but a just cup.”  <— Also the motto of Thanksgiving Coffee Company, which is served at Sweetwater 🙂


Now on to the coffee accessories! Because what self-respecting coffee drinker doesn’t love a few accessories?!

To Go Cups

To Go Mugs

Tervis Tumblers– Get your favorite sports team, university, get it personalized or any other theme that you like! You can also get lids and straws to match your tumbler; and handles to make them into a regular mug. These mugs are great for hot or cold and you can put them in the microwave and the dishwasher.

Starbucks Cold Cup– Cute mug, very durable and everyone mistakes it for an actual sbux plastic cup (I have the venti and the grande size…hey, I like having choices). You can get replacement straws (I just buy disposable straws from the grocery stores) and you can buy a screw on dome lid for days when you want some whipped cream on your to-go frap!

Porcelain Mug w/ Silicone Lid– so cute, looks like your average hot latte cup but it’s ceramic and reusable! I have two and they keep my coffee nice and warm while looking quite stylish! Here are some cute ones from Target and Amazon.


Coffee Sleeves, Coffee Cozy, or Jitter Jacket

Coffee Sleeves

Caribou Coffee– some of the cutest sleeves I’ve seen, sure to give your cup of coffee its own personality!

Local– look at local and independent coffee shops for these, many carry art by local artists and that’s where I found my knitted coffee sleeve

Etsy-TONS of options on here, something for every budget and unique identity for sure, check them out!


Eco Friendly Coffees

Eco Friendly Coffee

Check out these coffee retailers for some eco-friendly coffees-Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Green mountain Coffee Roasters, Thanksgiving Coffee Company


**I am in no way a coffee expert, I just do research online, consult multiple sources and report my findings here. What you read in the preceding paragraph is my summary of what these distinctions mean, if you would like more information on these topics  there is plenty available on the web! 🙂

Have fun decking out your daily java fix in the latest eco-friendly fashion trends!





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