Harry & David Coffee

Harry and David Moose Munch Coffee
Harry and David Moose Munch Coffee

Moose Munch Coffee

If you have never tried coffee from the gourmet food company, Harry & David, you need to…NOW.  Flavored ground coffee is always hit or miss for me.  Sometimes you pick up a bag of really tasty sounding coffee and it tastes like…well, coffee. No extra flavor, just coffee.  Disappointing right?  Then there are times when you buy a flavored coffee like Harry & David’s Cookies and Cream Moose Munch Coffee and…WOW. Its like a coffee, chocolate, sweet flavor explosion.  Dramatic? Probably, but it’s got you thinking about a really tasty coffee experience now!


Peanut Butter Moose Munch Coffee from Harry and David

Peanut Butter Moose Munch Coffee

Sadly I have only been able to find these coffees in a sampler package of six small packages of Moose Munch flavors (cookies and cream, peanut butter, white chocolate, triple chocolate, dark chocolate cherry, and original).  Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Cherry and Cookies & Cream are by far the most flavorful but all of the coffee from Harry & David is good.   I tried to find a link to where you can buy it online, but I couldn’t even find that(Really Amazon?!)!  The one place that I KNOW  you can find this coffee is at Harry & David stores.  So go to their website, and use the store locater to find one in a mall or outlet mall near you.  Though the Moose Munch flavors are my favorite, they also have great seasonal coffees , so check them out too.  I know having to find a store, drive there, and buy stuff is a bit of a drag compared to just googling and a few clicks to make a purchase…BUT going to a Harry & David store is never a wasted experience if you love food, like me 🙂  They have lots of gourmet soup mixes, dips, sauces, baked good mixes, coffees, candies, snack foods, and the list goes on.  They also usually have a bunch of samples of their foods so that you can test out the more exotic stuff before you buy.


I highly recommend this coffee so go track it down and check it out!  A pot of this brewed in the morning is sure to make you smile!





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4 Responses to “Harry & David Coffee”
  1. Suzanne Osteen says:

    Hi Mo,

    I love your Moose Munch Decaf coffee, and purchased as much as I could at Christmas time at Dillards Department Store. They are of course out of this by the lb now. Is there any way I could purchase this direct from you. I would take it in beans or ground.

    HELP! Your coffee is the best I have ever tasted.


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