Belmont Blend at Rev Coffee

Rev Coffee Belmont Blend

This weekend Mark and I stopped by a local favorite,  a cool little coffee shop called Rev Coffee Roasters.  If you missed my post about their shop, check it out here.  We get bored with ordering the same drinks every time we grab coffee somewhere so we asked the head coffee maker for a suggestion. He steamed us up some nonfat vanilla almond iced lattes that were just perfect for a ridiculously hot day.  Then I noticed this intriguing sign…

Rev Coffee Roasters Belmont Blend

Rev Coffee Roasters Belmont Blend


Yes, that actually says “…features notes of dark stone fruit, the wilderness, + Sean Connery…” Haha. That’s great.  When I asked what they meant by that, I was told “You have to taste it to understand.”  Sufficiently intrigued, and knowing that Rev buys and in-house roasts quality coffee….I picked up a bag.  Did I brew it the next morning? Well of course I did silly 🙂

Rev Coffee Belmont Blend

Rev Coffee Belmont Blend

So…dark stone fruit, wilderness and Sean Connery…you want to know if these claims held up, don’t you?  Honestly, I don’t really know what they meant by that fancy description but the coffee is EXCELLENT.  It is a dark, hearty coffee with a very earthy taste.  No acidic taste or bitter over-roasted taste at all.  It is warm and inviting…just like you’d imagine a cup of coffee from a cast iron stove in a log cabin to be.  Try it! You can pick it up here, or if you live in the Atlanta area you can stop by.

Rev Coffee Roasters

1680-B Spring Road

Smyrna, GA 30080-6108

(770) 573-4434 ‎




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