Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Whynatte Latte

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! ….haha, just kidding, I know it’s not Wednesday anymore….or is it? But seriously, I know it’s Thursday because that means we are only one day away from a glorious 3 day Fourth of July Weekend!! Yay!!!  Do you have any fun plans for the 4th? Let me know and send some pics my way if they include coffee!


What was in my cup yesterday (heh, sorry about the late posting…is it possible to convey a shameful look of regret through a computer monitor??):

Part One:

My latest coffee love, the Belmont Blend from Rev Coffee.  The smell of this coffee makes me happy just when opening the bag, unbrewed it leaves a glorious scent in the air and in the morning when I have a steaming pot of coffee waiting for me it smells even better.  This does not smell like your ordinary cup of joe people… it smells earthy, like mixed nuts roasting in the oven combined with coffee and a forest.  That may sound weird or strangely exciting to some of you but I promise it is a delight for the senses.  Combine this with a little sweetener and some vanilla soy creamer you have one amazing cup of coffee.


Part Two: 

After work I had a meeting to attend.  I’m on a marketing committee that is helping to plan an awards gala for telecom professionals….but the important part of this is that we had our meeting at Taco Mac. While this restaurant chain boasts it’s very large selection on draught (150 types) and bottled beers (200 types), I was more interested in a sign that I saw on the table.

It was a sign...

It was a sign...

Now sometimes promoted drinks don’t turn out so well but it contained coffee and I wanted to give it a try.  I asked the waiter about it and he told me that Whynatte is a coffee/energy drink that is pretty new.  They mix that drink with a whipped cream flavored vodka (sounds yummy right?)  and you can get it in a glass or as a shooter.  So basically it is a sweeter/classier version of the infamous redbull and vodka drink.  I was convinced it was worth a try from what the waiter had said and when I got it I was not disappointed, it was really tasty! It doesn’t have a strong coffee taste and you can’t even tell it has alcohol in it.  It kind of tastes like a really really really creamy version of Irish cream and coffee- sweet and creamy with a hint of coffee…I’ll be back for more!

Whynatte Whippet

Whynatte Whippet


So rest assured, even though this post is a day late, I was properly caffeinated yesterday 🙂




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