Coffee Plus…Networking

Octane Atlanta

In my industry people LOVE to network…and why not? It is an excuse to meet interesting people who are interested and usually quite knowledgeable in the same things as you.  Typically these get together happen one of two places

1- Bars/Restaurants

2- Coffee shops

Again, what’s not to love? Coffee AND adult beverages 🙂  Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, or Panera Bread (yes, people go there for the coffee…and the wifi) are the go to meeting spots because they are typically abundant and conveniently located.  However, once in a while you go an event at a new and unique venue.  Also, since I am new to the area that I live and work in, these events are a great way to explore the city and meet people.

One unique and really neat place that I had the chance to visit was Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge in Atlanta, Ga.  Boy was I surprised when I walked in here.  It is in the middle of a trendy neighborhood of ATL and a hip little place indeed! I was really surprised to see people carrying glasses of beer…what?! It’s a bar too?? The perfect place for a morning pick me up or late night lounging, studying/working or catching up with friends. Check it out if you are in the area!

Octane Atlanta

Octane Atlanta

Make your event stand out and support local business when planning a networking meet up….from an attendee’s point of view here are some suggestions for venues:

Local microbreweries/restaurants

For ATL:

Non-chain coffee shops

For ATL:

atlanta coffee shops

atlanta coffee shops

Locations with outdoor seating and/or a view

For ATL:



Wine bars

For ATL:


Get out there. Get connected. And enjoy a few beverages of your preferences while doing so!
PS. I you know of any great local places for networking in your city, post them in the comments so I and other readers can check them out!
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