Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Caramel Syrup

torani flavor syrup

Ever since a friend introduced me to brewed iced coffee with a shot of caramel last summer, it has become one of my favorites.  A little sweet, lots of great coffee flavor.  I like to add some creamer or milk, whatever is handy and I can usually skip the sugar with this drink.  Over the weekend I made a trip to World Market and while looking at the flavor syrups I started to wonder why I hadn’t taken action to bring these tasty drinks to my kitchen.  So upon that realization I grabbed a bottle of Torani Caramel Flavor Syrup and a pump for easy use (the whole thing was under $10!) and headed home.

Iced Coffee with Caramel

  • 6-8oz. brewed coffee, cooled
  • Ice
  • creamer
  • 2-3 pumps of caramel syrup

Mix it all together and you have an easy and delicious coffee concoction!

torani flavor syrup with pump

If you don’t like caramel you can customize this any way you like, flavor syrups come in many varieties.  A recent favorite of mine is the almond vanilla latte.  You can really make anything that your imagination and stomach desire with all of the different syrups.  They are also great to use in drinks and alcoholic beverages.  Check out their website for mixing ideas,

And then there are flavors like this…

Bacon Flavor Syrup

I don’t even know what to say, yuck? On the bottle they suggest that you put it in to a bloody mary or even a cup of coffee…if you dare. Talk about a breakfast in a cup, all you need is a side of eggs and you are good to go.


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