Coffee Plus…Gardening

Coffee grounds are great for your garden.

Did you know that? I have seen ‘Grounds For Your Garden‘ at Starbucks countless times of the years and never really thought about it when I started my herb garden.  If you are just starting a small herb garden in a planter, like me, then you should definitely utilize your used coffee grounds from the mornings brew.  If you are taking on a bigger project, say a veggie, flower or large herb garden…I suggest heading over to your local coffee shop or Starbucks and asking them about getting some used coffee grounds for your garden.


Used coffee grounds are a fantastic source of organic matter.  They are rich in nitrogen and other minerals that make plants happy.  You can use them in a compost, add them directly to the soil, or even make a liquid fertilizer (recipe below).  Coffee grounds in your soil or compost also fends off slugs and snails because of its acidity.

Coffee Ground Tea Recipe*

*this is a recipe for the more ambitious gardener

  • Add two cups used coffee grounds (you might have to save them for a day or two to get this much) to a 5 gallon bucket of water.
  • Let the concoction steep overnight.
  • Pour over your garden as a liquid fertilizer!

Other suggestions I found-

  • Use over roasted un-ground coffee beans to mulch your garden paths- how yummy would that smell!?
  • Compost with coffee grounds, natural coffee filters and tea bag are fine to add in too b/c they will break down easily
  • Feed your worm bin (ew)
  • TIP: You should use your grounds within 3 weeks to get the most nutrients out of it, so it’s just fine to save them up for a few days when trying to gather enough grounds for your whole garden!
coffee grounds for gardening
mixing grounds in the garden
rosemary and parsley
So get out there this weekend and get dirty in your garden! 🙂

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