New Moon Cafe- Augusta, GA

I took a little trip to August, GA recently to meet up a sorority sister from college.  We live relatively near each other  but not close enough for frequent trips, so we chose a meeting place in between.

Courtney and I at New Moon Cafe

Courtney and I at New Moon Cafe

I’ve never been to Augusta, Georgia so I searched Yelp for some interesting ideas for a place for us to meet up.  When I came across the New Moon Cafe, I knew I had found the perfect spot!  Any excuse for me to try a new coffee shop and I’ll take it, plus the theme of this shop was based on crescent moons, which is the symbol of our soroity…so you see how difficult it was for me to pick this venue over any other possible places right? 😉

New Moon is conveniently located on Broad Street.  I didn’t know this when I picked this location, but Broad Street is the Art District of Augusta,  and appropriately so.  I arrived early and got to walk up and and down part of the street, snapping photos and looking into local art stores, galleries, and used book stores.  There were some really cute shops and I’m sad that I didn’t get to check the area out more but honestly I was just to happy to see Courtney and we will definitely make return trips to the area!

New Moon Cafe

A little corner coffee shop with a decidedly ‘independent’ feel.  They make it clear that they aren’t a corporate coffee shop. From using beans from their own roasting facility (MoonBeans Coffees), to hosting local bands and showcasing local art on the walls, this is a real slice of Augusta and the Eastern Georgia/Western South Carolina region.

The coffee shop is cute, very popular and serves great coffee and baked goods…what isn’t to like?  It was a beautiful day so Courtney and I decided on some iced mochas (a cinnamon dark chocolate mocha for me and a caramel milk chocolate mocha for her) and headed to the outdoor seating on Broad Street.

We chatted for a long time and caught up with one another while we sipped our (much needed) iced coffee in the summer heat.  I loved my iced cinnamon nonfat mocha, they really got the ratio right to my tastes.  I don’t like a mocha that has so much chocolate that I can no longer taste the espresso or the added flavor syrup.  Courtney liked my drink so much that she ordered one to go when we left to go check out wedding dresses for her.

I love coffee, this is a given considering the blog, but I love coffee more when you share it with people that you care about.  I highly recommend this little shop if you are in the area.  Even if it is a little bit of a drive, like it was for me, plan so see some sights and go visit the folks at New Moon!


Downtown Aiken
116 Laurens Street, Aiken SC
Downtown Augusta
1002 Broad Street, Augusta GA
Now for some Augusta sights…
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9 Responses to “New Moon Cafe- Augusta, GA”
  1. Courtney says:

    Ah! I love you so much!! Such a fun trip and chance to catch up! Thanks for meeting me. Let’s do it again soon, and we can hit up some of the artsy stuff too. I heart you sister!!! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 XOXOXO

    PS – worth noting–> I don’t drink coffee, but I had TWO! (Not recommended if you are caffiene-sensitive lol)

    • mmarnall says:

      I’m so happy I got to see you too!!! YES, we must do it again, and not in the distant future…soonish is much better 🙂 I ❤ you too! I'm so happy we got to grab coffee and I'm even happier that I got to go dress shopping with you. I've missed you heart!!

      PS. Oh goodness! And not on an empty stomach either, coffee + no food = no good. Glad you recovered quickly though lol.

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