Trader Joe’s Costa Rican Tarazu Coffee Review

Are you lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s?  I’d heard the wonders of fresh organic groceries, Two Buck Chuck wine and other specialty items but never stepped foot in one until Mark took me on a surprise date.  I had no idea where we were going, had to close my eyes when we were approaching and was told I had a certain amount to spend on whatever I wanted.  When we finally parked, I opened my eyes and there it was, Trader Joe’s.  Boy does he know the way to my heart…food and the opportunity to get quality ingredients to make whatever my heart desires!  Keeper, right?! 🙂

If you live near one, you should run over there right now and check out their coffee selection.  It is quiet impressive.  Coffee from all over the world and lots of it! For my first visit I selected the Costa Rican Tarazu.  I really enjoy the Cost Rica Tarazu from Starbucks so I went with the familiar on this.  Turns out I made a good choice.  The coffee is whole bean but don’t let that scare you away if you don’t have a grinder.  You can grind it in-store or take it home and do it…and if you read the blog regularly you might have seen my post, Five Reasons Why…You Should Grind Your Own Coffee, check it out and you might start doing this too!

Coffee Review

A very tasty coffee.  As far as it being a Costa Rican Tarrazu, it isn’t as bright and citrusy as others, this definitely lives up to it’s darker roast (called Medium Dark Roast on the packaging).  If you are into lighter coffee this probably isn’t for you.  I have been getting into darker roasts/more robust tasting coffee lately so I like it.  Add some creamer and some caramel and I’m a happy camper!




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