Sweetwater Coffeehouse- Sautee, GA

sweetwater coffeehouse exterior

Would you expect to find a cozy little coffee house in a valley in the North Georgia Mountains? Probably Not. Is this my favorite coffee house? Most definitely.

sweetwater coffeehouse

Located in a little house off of Highway 17 near Helen, GA in the Sautee Valley…or is it the Nacoochee Valley? Either way, you’ll find Sweetwater in a historic and artsy little area.  The perfect place for a pit stop and while you are there you can pick up some local wine, coffee, jewelry, art, and foods!

sweetwater menu

Sweetwater has been my favorite coffee shop for many, many years.  From the original owners, Eric and Anna Anderson to the current owners Carolyn Hayes and her son Zach.  Sweetwater just feels like home.  From the usual crowd, sitting on the porch with their coffee, children and usually a guitar…to how your are treated once you walk in the door.  They know how to make mochas and lattes just the way I like them with the perfect balance of milk, espresso and flavor syrups.  You are bound to love the Thanksgiving Coffee Company coffee that they brew.  In the words of Eric; ‘Not just a cup, but a just cup.”  I really don’t want to recommend any specific drink because everything is good.  If you can imagine it, they can most likely make it for you.  They also offer snacks to go along with your coffee if you want to sit and sip for a while in the cozy little house.

sweetwater coffee


Don’t forget to look behind you after you order your coffee. You’ll find an array of local crafts and goods on the shelves.  I love the local pottery and of course own a Sweetwater mug!  Also notice the wall of pictures, Sautee regulars like to show their love by taking Sweetwater stickers on vacation with them and leaving them behind. Look for mine! (Continental Divide, Harvard, Sweetwater Brewery, Cocoa Beach, Tallahassee, and more).

sweetwater local crafts

sweetwater photo gallery

sweetwater mug

Sautee has regular local art fairs so sometimes you’ll see an artisan set up in the coffee shop making jewelry.

Strike up a conversation with Carolyn or Zach or whomever is working behind the counter that day.  Everyone is so friendly, gotta love that Southern hospitality!   I really feel like I can’t say enough good things about Sweetwater Coffeehouse.  You need to go there and experience the delicious coffee, warm atmosphere and wonderful company for yourself!

Sweetwater Coffeehouse

2242 Highway 17 • Sautee-Nacoochee, Georgia 30571



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