World Market Creme Caramel

World Market has a fine selection of coffee.  I am always impressed that a home decor, food and alcoholic beverage specialty store has such a great stock.  They have a wide selection of coffees originating from all over the world and they also have a huge variety of flavored coffees.  This is where they lose me.  I have had several World Market flavored coffees and have never been impressed.  I was actually pretty skeptical when I picked up this bag of coffee, but I was out of coffee and in a location that offered it quite conveniently, and it was a good price…so I took the plunge.


The next morning I work up to a wonderful smelling kitchen and a hot pot of coffee.  Still apprehensive of how the coffee would taste, I mixed up my usual and carried it off to work with me.  I had also bought a bag of pumpkin spice scone mix at World Market and whipped them up the night before.  So, scone in hand I began to sip the coffee.  It is actually really good.  I think the problem before was that I had gotten some light roast flavored coffee and was underwhelmed by its lack of body and taste.  This medium roast is pleasant enough to enjoy every morning or on the occasional afternoon with a pastry.  There are definitely notes of caramel and overall it is a nice coffee for a decent price.  Thumbs up to World Market!


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