Coffee Findings at TotalWine & More

The other night Mark and I stopped by TotalWine to restock our little bar.  I’m not a huge fan of beer, though there are a few stouts I like, so when we are in that aisle I tend to look around at all of the interesting names and types of beer.  It really is impressive how many there are in their individual bottle section.  Anyways I found a few coffee stouts and I thought I’d share them here.

{coffee stout}

{mocha stout}

We also ventured down the vodka aisle.  Ever since my trip to Alaska I have been on the hunt for the flavored vodkas and Permafrost ultra premium potato vodka made by Alaska Distillery, but I can’t find them in the lower 48…well not near me at least.  In my ambling I came across a couple of interesting looking coffee vodkas.  I also **FINALLY** found my Alaskan vodka, they didn’t have the Permafrost but they had some of the flavored vodkas which are still oh-so-smooth and wonderful (my location had Cranberry, Frostbite, Smoked Salmon flavors).

{Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka}

{Cofia- Vodka infused with Hazelnut s}

In the tequila aisle I found this little gem from Patron.

{Patron XO Cafe}

I am sure they have many other coffee infused alcohol products and liqueurs at the store but these are the ones that I came across.  If you are in the mood for an adult beverage with your favorite coffee flavor mixed in, head on over to your favorite local package store and check some of these out, or if you find some other interesting beverages let me know!


Ideas for concocting a beverage with your new purchases:


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2 Responses to “Coffee Findings at TotalWine & More”
  1. Saeco says:

    Not to turn the thread, but do not forget that today is National Coffee Day…
    Free coffee from many of the larger stores. There is a listing of national and regional retailers participating..

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