Caffe Lil Italy- Boston, MA

When you think of New England, well at least when we southerners who are not from New England think of the weather there, we typically think cool… often cold or downright freezing in the winter.  Well when I took a summer  trip there, boy was I surprised by how hot it was…and by the sunburn I got from walking around all day.

So what would Mo do when she is exploring a new city and in need of a cooling refreshment? Well find the nearest coffee shop of course.  Geesh, I thought you guys would know that about me. 😉

But that is exactly what I did one summer day.  Exploring the North End (aka the Italian neighborhood), walking the Freedom Trail and headed toward the Old North Church I found this cute little coffee shop.  To combine the best of both worlds, I had a nice little Italian espresso flavored with Irish Cream.  Get it? Italian in the North End and Irish, well just because I think of Irish people when I go to Boston?!  My iced coffee concoction was pretty good and definitely cooled me off but I really liked their pastries.  I hadn’t eaten in a while so some fresh coffee and a pastry hit  the spot.

Conveniently located, Caffe Lil Italy is a nice place to stop for a sip. I’d suggest sitting and resting for a while.  Boston offers lots of great walking opportunities and this is a nice pit stop, especially since they are located right on the Freedom Trail.  Pick a seat by a window and watch the locals and tourists pass by, take wacky pictures and get lost with their over-sized maps…sounds like fun to me!

Speaking of pastries, Mike’s Pastry (also in the North End) is EXCELLENT and mind-blowing.  You won’t believe the amount of different cannolis, cakes, cookies and more that they have.  WOAH.

**Funny note about Boston and coffee…so all the griping they do there about Starbucks and love professing they do for Dunkin Donuts, I sure was surprised by how many Starbucks stores they had there. ::COUGH COUGH:: (I saw more Sbux than DD in my travels)….For example:

Caffe Lil Italy

178 Salem St.
(between Hull St & Tileston St)
Boston, MA 02113
Neighborhood: North End

(617) 227-1303


Mike’s Pastry

300 Hanover St
(between Wesley Pl & Lathrop Pl)
Boston, MA 02113
Neighborhood: North End

(617) 742-3050


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