Allegro Coffee at Whole Foods

On a recent trip to Whole Foods I was really excited to try out their in store coffee bar.  Maybe it was because it was a Sunday after church (our usual coffee time) or maybe it was just because it was Whole Foods, but I was excited.

Now don’t get me wrong, the espresso from Allegro was great.  A truly well poured shot that was smooth and not bitter-tasting.  However, I ordered a hazelnut mocha for myself and a raspberry vanilla latte for Mark, and in neither of our drinks did taste my requested additions.  Maybe it was just the location of the Whole Foods I was at and maybe you have had a better experience there, but I was a little disappointed. Like I said, I was really excited for my made up drinks but that doesn’t mean that the skinny lattes that we received weren’t delicious.  I would like to go back and try again, anything in the name of good coffee right?

allegro coffee menu whole foods

allegro latte whole foods


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