Almond Milk

Did you guys know about this?? Why didn’t you tell me?!?!


Seriously.  Why didn’t you tell me? I have noticed at smaller coffee shops they offer this as an option, it’s usually more expensive though (and I am thrifty…and happy was happy with nonfat milk) so I never ask for it.

I am probably behind on this trend, like way behind, which would be typical.  Do I care? No. Why? Because now I have found almond milk and I am never letting it go.

According to the carton (I bought Silk Pure Almond, but Blue Diamond Almond milk is good too) Almond Milk is like milk, but far more awesome:

  • 50% more calcium than milk
  • only 60 calories per serving
  • NO cholesterol
  • 100% lactose and dairy free
  • No need to skeptically look at and sniff the milk jug every couple of days because I am paranoid that it is going sour
  • It comes in dark chocolate (WHAT?!?!)
  • Bonus: there are ALWAYS coupons for Almond Milk (various manufacturers) in the newspaper and online
Ok, enough advertising.  You get it, this stuff is great.  So again, why have I been drinking non-fat milk when I could have had Almond? Well, I admit that I go to Starbucks too often and they have soy but not almond milk.  Soy is more expensive at Starbucks…unless you have a gold card, like me (Yay!), which I need to start using more… 🙂   But nonetheless it is not almond, so please excuse me while I head over to and start supporting all of the threads discussing almond milk.  Have a great Monday everyone and go try some Almond Milk in your latte or brewed coffee this week.  I want to hear what you think, comment below please!


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PS. This post was in no way sponsored by an almond milk manufacturer, this is just typical me, being behind on tasty/healthy/alternative coffee choices.

4 Responses to “Almond Milk”
  1. I’ve put almond milk in coffee, but have found it to not have a great taste. It could be that I use unsweetened almond milk, plus I”m used to using a tiny bit of half and half, so I might need to branch out a little more. PS-I really like your blog and all the coffee info 🙂

    • mmarnall says:

      I was looking at the unsweetened but decided I could spare the extra 30-ish calories…the stuff is already pretty healthy 🙂 Also, I add flavor syrup to my coffee (currently pumpkin pie or caramel), so that might have an effect on the taste. And another factor might be that I made espresso today and steamed my milk, which alters the flavor and makes it a little sweeter. Am I a sweet-o-holic much? Maybe…

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It is great to hear that people like reading about coffee as much as I like drinking it. I wondered across wordpress to your blog and congrats on the half marathon, Wow congrats again. Also, I just got The Hunger Games as a present, I didn’t know much about it but I liked what you had to say, now I’m excited to read it.


  2. Misty Motola says:

    With so many more people developing allergies and sensitivities to dairy products, finding tasty and cheap alternatives to milk can be a challenge. One tasty alternative that can be used in cooking and everyday use is almond milk. But honestly, almond milk can get pricey. Instead try making your own almond milk for a quick and easy project that is fun to do with the kids.-

    My own blog site

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