Five Reasons Why…I’m Ready for the Holidays

1. The cold weather is here and it is here to stay…well until Spring but you know what I mean.  What does that mean? Sweaters, scarves, boots, coats, fireplaces and the smell of burning wood 🙂

2. Two words: Gingerbread Latte. Yea, they are back…and so are the red cups.  And peppermint mochas (shhh, i know they are available all year, don’t spoil my moment), though not skinny peppermint mochas so much.  I had one, it tasted sugar-free (duh).  I mean that is totally fine if you can’t drink the other kind but really…the holidays are coming. I NEED to build my sugar tolerance back up.

3. Christmas Music. Don’t judge me, just stop it.  You know what? I paid my dues, I lived in South Florida for 22 years and dealt with the “un-winter holiday like heat” (that is a technical term by the way) every single year.  It’s cold here (see #1.) and gosh darn it, I plan to take advantage of that.  Also, I have the new Michael Buble Christmas cd…LOVE. Buy it. Now. I might or might not be jamming out to it now…

4. Eggnog.  What isn’t eggnog good with? Hmmm, let me see…nothing.  They have it at the grocery store now, that also means it is currently in my fridge.  I have many an eggnog recipe to share with you this year, look out for them!

5. Holiday recipes.  They are every where, in the magazines on my coffee table, in my inbox, in my Google Reader, in the mail, all over the grocery store…you just can’t avoid them. Nor do I want to.  I want to make all of the delectable looking cakes, pies, cookies, turkeys, and veggies oh my! I just can’t wait! Cranberries, cinnamon, pumpkin, sweet potato, turkey, chocolate, yum!

6. Wait…how did this get in here? There were only supposed to be 5…well since you are here anyways….Car Antlers. That’s right.  Antlers. On my car.  And a big red nose on the grill.  Nothing says crazy holiday enthused person like a set of those babies…and I am one of those people.  You know you want to check them out: link.


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6 Responses to “Five Reasons Why…I’m Ready for the Holidays”
  1. I’m so happy the red cups are out as well:) My daughter and I both think they make us feel so happy! Funny, isn’t it:)

  2. I am also ready for Christmas, Mo. I just started listening to Christmas music, right after Halloween. I think I will have to get the new Michael Buble CD– you liked it, so that is good to know! -Mark

    • mmarnall says:

      It is classic Buble, I enjoy his music to begin with but I like the cheeky spin he puts on some of the classic Christmas songs that are usually sung by women. Now all I need is some snow…

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