Cornmeal Blueberry Scones

Not exactly November-y flavors. I know. However, these scones are magical.  Just too good to be denied.  I used this Cornmeal Blueberry Scone recipe from Better Homes and Gardens and it turned out just delightfully 🙂  Try these babies this weekend.

Of course I made a couple of changes, minor though.  I used a whole-wheat/all-purpose flour blend for the flour and added a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.  Test out these scones with one of these nice Tarrazu coffees (Starbucks Costa Rican TarrazuTrader Joe’s Tarrazu), they are bright and citrusy just like the scones.  Enjoy!

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients wet

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients berries

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients tray

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients glaze

cornmeal blueberry scone ingredients glazing

cornmeal blueberry scones


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4 Responses to “Cornmeal Blueberry Scones”
  1. Wow, who cares what month it is, these would be delicious at any time of the year. I love the big chunks of blueberry and the drizzle!

    • mmarnall says:

      Delicious, even though the oven shut off and they had to be baked twice…oops. Do you have pinterest? If you like can see all of the recipes that I pin for future posts and meals by going to this link: By the way, I really want to make your brownie recipe but I have been getting home too late every night 😦 Hopefully during the weekend!

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