Five Reasons Why…Coffee Alternatives are Good Too

WHA???!?! Yea I know, I thought the title sounded a bit crazy too but I wanted to get your attention.  No, I’m not sick.  Sleep deprived and in need of caffeine? Maybe.  No, definitely.

So it has been really cold here lately, we are talking 40-ish during the day, aaaaalllllll day and actual freezing temperatures at night.  Needless to say, this Florida girl is cold. I was in need of something to warm me up and not wanting to put the effort into making coffee, which leaves me with the option of tea.  If you know me, you probably know I am not a big fan of tea.  I have tried drinking the leaf flavored water but it just never works for me.  However, there is one tea that I do like- spicy, strong, warm chai.  I was reminded of my love for chai today and thus this post happened.

Five Reasons Why…Coffee Alternatives Are Good Too

  1. Gingerbread Chai from zhena’s gypsy tea– I got this at World Market, big surprise right? It is wonderful though, nice and spicy with a little gingery kick. Visit their site, they have all kinds of other crazy awesome chai flavors that I might be buying right now…
  2. Pomegranate Vanilla Oolong Tea Latte from Caribou Coffee– OMG. I want one right now. Maybe two of them.  It’s everything you dream it would be from the name and so much more all at the same time.
  3. Grown Up Hot Chocolate by How Sweet It Is– I’m making these this weekend, like every single day this weekend…starting today.  Also, read this lady’s blog.  The posts are fun and the recipes are delicious.
  4. Italian Hot Chocolate- Thick, dairy free, chocolaty wonderfulness.  Apparently this stuff is all over the internet and I just found it….fail.
  5. Hot Spiced {Spiked} Apple Cider– I’m not sure if this counts but I consider apple cider a coffee substitute sooooo, yea.

PS. How great was Mark’s coffee shop review yesterday? And the pictures…taken on his window phone….they look awesome. I was totally drooling 🙂




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3 Responses to “Five Reasons Why…Coffee Alternatives are Good Too”
  1. I have Earl Grey Tea when feeling a bit off.. but don’t get between me and my coffee:) I’ll have to find that Italian Chocolate drink, I hadn’t heard of it either!

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