I Invented Something…

Hey guys. I invented something and I’m pretty stoked about it. Don’t get all excited, it’s nothing break through….just a coffee drink. But still.  OH and it is a holiday inventions as well. That makes this double-y fun.

Sometimes Most of the time when I go to a coffee shop I like to get something different or unique.  Sometimes this results in me blurting out a totally random mashup of coffee flavors.  This is then followed by one of two things: (1) a quizzical look from the barista and then they repeat the order, as if I was crazy (2) a comment of appreciation for trying something new.  Luckily this method tends to work out well for me and I get a fun new drink to share with you.  This is what happened this weekend.

Mark and I were headed on a mini-road trip to a wedding at Disney.  We stopped for coffee and I ordered this:
A grande (medium) nonfat triple (3 shots of espresso) gingerbread mocha

Yea, that says mocha.  The barista actually congratulated me for being original.  Thanks random dude in Tifton, Georgia!  Seriously though, I was taking forever deciding what I wanted.  We’ve had A LOT of coffee in the past two weeks and I wanted something to spice up the long road trip…so in my indecision I just blurted this out.

When I got back to the car to taste my concoction I was very happy to find that it was delicious! A little holiday, a little spice, a lot chocolatey and that extra shot of espresso really helps to tone down the sweetness in the flavor syrups.  Perfect.

Go try one today. Let me know if your barista thinks you are crazy 🙂


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One Response to “I Invented Something…”
  1. Yummm… will definitely be sampling one of these the next time I go for a latte!!

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