Seattle & Coffee

Starbucks Pike Place Store

Being a Southerner, when I think of Seattle, I think of rain (and possibly Grey’s Anatomy).  And what goes better with a cold rainy day than a nice warm cup of coffee? And what more natural a place for one of the world’s biggest coffee chains to be headquarters, yes, I’m talking about Starbucks.

When I visited Seattle, it was exactly as I expected.  Cold and rainy for sure, but it was so much more than that. Seattle is a beautiful city with fantastic seafood options, historic sites (Pike Place and the Space Needle) and a definite ambiance created by the low hanging fog over the sound.

MY number one destination when I got to downtown Seattle was the original Starbucks store in Pike Place Market (duh).  Sure I had many sites to see, but I correctly figured that they would all be enhanced with the accompaniment of a warm caffeinated beverage in hand.  The original Starbucks store is a tiny little hole in the wall, no room for sitting down with your laptop like in most locations.  They pack people into their limited space and crank out coffee like nobody’s business. I was feeling sentimental so I ordered a Grande Pike Place and then I headed out into the market to explore.

In Pike Place Market I found fresh fish, local honey, delicious Washington cherries, gorgeous flowers, art, musicians and more.  I could have spent hours and lots of money in there, however Seattle was the first stop on a long trip and I didn’t want to turn my suitcase into a lead weight just yet.  I’ll always have pictures though!

I actually made two trips to Seattle, at the beginning and end of my journey though Alaska.  I had grown fond of the grey days and cool temperatures that lent themselves so well to coffee drinking that I was trip-ending visit to Seattle.  Well, wouldn’t you know, we arrived for one of the few glorious sunny days that they get. The city was just as beautiful and I feel lucky to have experienced the many personalities of this neat place.

And don’t you worry, I didn’t only drink Starbucks while I was in Seattle. I had many a cup of Seattle’s Best Ultimate Mochas (YUM!).  I even visited some local coffee houses too. All in all, Seattle was a coffee lovers dream.


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One Response to “Seattle & Coffee”
  1. That was a good article. Seattle and coffee is a special union.

    Further exploration might reveal the underground art & music movement that gives this North West corner its own brand and place in history — Nirvana, the Seattle grunge scene and so much more.

    No doubt Starbucks is proud of its origins… a nice part of the world.

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