Acquired Tastes- Tea

This is a blog about coffee, no? Well for the past few days (quite sadly, might I add) I have been sick.  Not really sick so much as having an awful cough that is causing a far more awful sore throat.  A picky sore throat at that, one which only tolerates warm/hot-ish clear liquids.  AKA, not coffee.  I tried, two mornings in a row.  It just isn’t satisfying or pleasing right now.  UGH.

So I’ve been drinking tea.  That even sounds gross in my head when I write it. If you know me well then you probably know that I am not a fan of tea (understatement).  It is so…blah. Basically just bland, leafy tasting water.  So gross.  The only way you can get me to drink tea is in a chai latte with lots of milk and tons of sugar.  Then it tastes quite nice, kind of like candy, totally masking all tea qualities.

To say the least, these have been tough days. However, tea has been the only thing that has helped.  I might even be considered a minor expert on tea because of all of the varieties I have consumed in the past few days.

I’ll spare you the explanation of the teas that I still don’t like and I’ll just let you in on a little miracle.  I found a tea that I like, sans sugar and milk.

I know. Maybe it’s the cold. Maybe the stars have re-aligned…

Or maybe, after countless mugs of tea, I have acquired a taste for this leafy water.

Whatever it may be, I LOVE Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea.  Warm soothing liquid for my throat that tastes like diluted pomegranate juice. Which sounds gross but is okay with me, because if I am going to drink 4 cups in one day I don’t want a sugar rush, just some pain relief.

trader joe's pomegranate white tea

(Apologies for the yucky pictures…Hey! I’m sick, cut me some slack)

trader joe's pomegranate white tea bag

A close second is Bigelow Green Tea with pomegranate. Still kind of pomegranate-y and soothing, just not as amazing as TJ’s.

bigelow pomegranate green tea

What is your favorite tea? What are some good teas for the non-tea drinker to start with?


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5 Responses to “Acquired Tastes- Tea”
  1. Tea: such a vast subject! I wonder what it is that you particularly don’t like about tea. Perhaps you’ve had it too strong, or not strong enough, or possibly just not made properly?

    The thing about tea is that it has to be made with boiling water, not just hot like you can get away with when making coffee, but actually boiling. For it to taste nice you also need to use fresh water straight out of the tap, not stuff that’s been sitting around being heated and reheated over and over again.

    As for which teas to recommend, you said you liked what you’d had without milk and sugar, so I wonder if one of the lighter teas that isn’t bitter without milk would suit you best. You might like to try Darjeeling or Ceylon, both of which are light tasting black teas that I think are better without milk. You might also like white tea and green tea, and perhaps even Japanese roasted twig tea if you’re feeling adventurous!

    I do hope you find some nice teas that you like. If you can learn to love tea as well as coffee it gives you a wider choice of hot beverages, and solves the problem of what to drink when coffee won’t do.

    Stay cosy and get well soon!

    • mmarnall says:

      Wow! Thank you so much. Such a plethora of information on tea. All of these things might be my problem, I probably just don’t make it right.

      I don’t mind really strong, heavily sugared chai tea but I can only drink about 1 cup of it like that. I’ll definitely be looking into some of your suggestions!

      Thank you!!

  2. Part of the problem I used to have with tea is not brewing it correctly. People tend to brew it forever and after a while the tannins will be released and you will taste those and not the actual flavor of the tea. If you brew white or green tea at 2 1/2 minutes it should get the flavor out but not the tannins. Black or Oolong i tend to brew for maybe 30 seconds because they are so strong but thats just me.

    so glad you have been turned to the dark side (or in this case the light, leafy antioxidant side).

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