The hipsters strike again.

Let me introduce you to the Babyccino.

Oh yes, it is a real thing and apparently in NYC it is even a trend…see here if you don’t believe me.


So what is it??

Don’t worry folks, it’s nothing harmful to your little tikes. Just a 3oz serving of lightly steamed milk with honey, cinnamon or a sprinkling of cocoa powder (depending on the coffee house). No caffeine involved here.  The most damage it will do is to your wallet, but that is nothing new in the land of fancy coffee drinks.

Now for the big question…Is it actually a trend or is it just hype?

It really is a cute idea– walking around with your latte in hand, pushing a stroller while your toddler sips from their own short cup.  So is it just that? Only a wonderful image dreamed up by the press?  Or is this the next wave of coffee drinkers?

All these uber hip coffee shops have done (and we are not talking about Starbucks here), is found a way to target  a new demographic and increase their revenue. To that I say, bravo you coffee marketing geniuses. Bravo.

BUT what I’m finding out, the more that I read about this supposed trend is that it is more fantasy than fact. Sure, a few families out there may be doing this, once in a while but it does not seem to be a full-blown fad. OH well, we can all have our hipster coffee dreams right?

Have you heard about the babyccino? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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