Dylan’s Candy Bar

A while back, my parents took a trip to New York City and brought back some coffee from Magnolia Bakery.  They also brought back other goodies…like chocolate from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

What is Dylan’s? It is the super famous, super huge and super duper delicious candy store in NYC that is run by fashion mogul, Ralph Lauren’s daughter…Dylan Lauren.

Now back to the chocolate. So I finally tried the dessert bar pack that I was given…a while ago.  What is wrong with me? Why hadn’t I tried this chocolate until now.  Well, honestly they just looked like candy bars. And while I do adore chocolate, I don’t typically just sit down and eat a candy bar.  However, I recently read about the amazing-ness and detail in these chocolate bars and I was curious.

I tasted. I was not disappointed.

In the pack there is a red velvet cake bar, a tiramisu bar, and a banana cream pie bar.  You see, I managed to tie coffee in to this afterall…and you had you doubts. Tsk tsk.

dylan's candy bar dessert bars

The red velvet is the best.  A red velvet bar with little pieces of cream cheese frosting throughout.  I loved the other two bars too.  The tiramisu is a dark chocolate bar filled with an espresso flavored filling.  And the banana cream is a banana flavored chocolate with little pieces of dried banana chips in the chocolate.

dylan's candy bar espresso bar

Yum Yum Yum. You should visit the Dylan’s website and try some out for yourself!


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