Starbucks Refreshers

Seriously, do I talk about Starbucks too much? Oh well, too bad. It is convenient for me and I actually like their products…especially with their widening of product lines recently.  Which leads me to…

Starbucks Refreshers. 

The beau and I took a vacation to Florida last week and (of course) made several stops at Starbucks to keep our energy going for many hours in the car.  On one of our stops, I was looking  for a coffee alternative.  About to order a dirty iced chai (ok so not really an alternative but I was mixing it up a little), I spotted samples of the new Starbucks Refreshers packs on the counter. Who would I be to turn down a free sample? Seriously. Seriously.

courtesy of my instagram- follow me! @mmarnall

I tried the lime and it was very tasty. Then the barista asked if  I would like to try the very berry hibiscus as well. Would I? Sure, why not…That was quite tasty to, although it tasted a bit like tea, and I’m not exactly a tea fan.

Being only about $6 for a pack of 5, I thought this would be a nice energy alternative to toss in some bottled water while on the road. The lime is really delicious and refreshing. The idea behind these beverages is that they use the extract from green coffee beans to deliver energy, while not tasting like coffee.

Personally  I think this is a really smart development for Starbucks. Not everyone enjoys the taste of coffee. With this product, they deliver the benefits of coffee without the taste. Even I get burnt out on coffee occasionally, and this is… an, um…’refreshing’ way to mix things up. 🙂

Another bonus is that they use natural sweeteners, no artificial nonsense here- just stevia and cane sugar. Being a reformed sugar eater (I try to substitute with honey and agave nectar whenever possible), I like this.

Here is the kicker…I received an email from Starbucks today. You can test out these new drinks for free. Yes,FREE!  One of my favorite words…especially when it comes to Starbucks (can I get an Amen?). This Friday, June 13- from Noon to 3pm, you can get a tall Starbucks Refresher for free.  It is pretty darn hot in my geographic location, I know where I’ll be that day 😀

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