Starbucks Steel Card- Have They Gone Too Far?

I’d like your opinion on something.  Please take a look at the image below. I got this in my inbox today and while I love me some overpriced lattes on occasion, I just don’t know how to feel about the new *limited edition* Starbucks Steel card.

starbucks steel card

What am I talking about? Today Starbucks unveiled a limited time offer available through luxury goods membership shopping site   For $450 you can get a Starbucks card made out of steel.  Yes, steel, because if my wallet and purse weren’t already heavy enough, I need to carry around steel cards now.

They will only be selling 5,000 of these cards and while it does cost a whopping $450, the card does come preloaded with $400 and a gold membership.  So basically, you are prepaying for your Starbucks for about a year (unless you have a serious addiction and spend more than $400 at Starbucks in a year…in which case you should stop manically tapping your foot, put down your 5th coffee of the day and get on a caffeine detox ASAP) and you are paying about $50 for a fancy coffee card/bottle opener/door lock popping device.

Like I said, I am all about some pretentious Starbucks swag. Gold card? Got it. Multiple Starbucks ornaments for the Christmas tree? Got ’em. Array of Starbucks coffee tumblers for all different uses and sipping situations? All over it.

But a steel card? Do we know if the credit card swiping machines will even function with them? Am I far to resistant to change? Maybe.

I’d like to know what you think…has Starbucks just gone too far with their expectations on what we will spend on their products?

One Response to “Starbucks Steel Card- Have They Gone Too Far?”
  1. Sonya says:

    Wow. It’s a good idea in a way, it gets people talking about Starbucks again… but I wouldn’t want to carry around a card that is worth 450 bucks and no way to trace it back to me. Who would buy that for someone? Yeah I know how much you like coffee, this way you can get 66 of your favorite beverages and maybe you can throw a biscotti in there for a fun little treat.

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