Friday Finds

1. Summer is almost here…I think it is time to test out this Mini Key Lime Scones recipe! 2. Hello Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks, where have you been all of my life?? 3. What goes great with your morning coffee? Why whole wheat toast and homemade chocolate almond butter of course! (recipe here) 4. Now those are words to … Continue reading

Happy *Belated* New Year!

Hello all and Happy New Year! Please excuse my tardiness on the well wishes, I have been busy travelling.  This has resulted in a massive back up of email, pictures to upload and Google Reader posts to browse through.  As I scrolled through my GR I came across a post on a sorority sister’s blog … Continue reading

I Need Coffee

This is what I feel like today. I figured that you wanted to know, so who would I be to disappoint you? I should probably go out and get some coffee now. Can’t get enough of A Cup of Mo? | Mo on Facebook: LIKE Mo!  |  

Thanksgiving Adventures

So last weekend…..was Thanksgiving. I hope you and whom ever you spent it with had a simply magnificent time and ate lots of delicious food.  What did I do? How kind of you to ask.  Well, Mark, me and the kitten took a road trip to visit his family for the holiday. We had lots … Continue reading

Weekend Adventures in October

Didn’t you know that all of the cool people talk about LAST weekend on a Thursday? Well you do now 🙂

Investing in Your Blog

I came across this article on Atlanta Style Bloggers, An Investment: 4 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed.  I thought it was great and I wanted to share this with you in the circumstance that there are any bloggers or aspiring bloggers following me. There are lots of articles out there claiming that “…if you follow our steps … Continue reading

Pumpkin Scones- Recipe in Development

So I have a sad story for you today.  I made pumpkin scones this weekend and they came out doughy…blech!  The flavor was good but the texture was too dense, not nice and light and satifying like a scnoe should be. Oh well, back to the drawing board!  I promise I’ll eventually get a nice … Continue reading

Almost Fall: Festivals & Foods

This past weekend Mark & I enjoyed the cooler weather and headed out to a local festival to check out  the local goods, foods, antiques and classic cars.  We also got a few delicious snacks in our travels! Check it out 🙂 {20th Marietta StreetFest} {Spotted some fresh veggies} {Me checking out some antique jewelry} {We … Continue reading

Fall Surprises

  I came home from work the other day to find this: Mark had gotten me Fall colored flowers and a new travel mug from the Starbucks Fall 2011 collection.  Isn’t he a sweetie? I think I’ll keep him 😉  This man sure does know the way to my heart! Of course I had to … Continue reading

Cats, Coffee, Films and Food


Another splendid weekend in photos for you to see 🙂 I found teeny kittens near my home.  I check on them everyday, they sleep mostly but they are irresistibly cute! – Date Night: Had some delicious and creative sushi at the Orient Express!  How cool, a restaurant in an old train car. – I got this fortune … Continue reading

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