Coffee and Toronto

If you have a chance, take a trip to Toronto, Canada.  What a neat city that is. I had the most wonderful time walking everywhere, checking out neighborhoods with many different personalities and sampling local foods.  And of course I had to stop by some of the local coffee shops, both independent and commercial. Check … Continue reading

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House- Atlanta, GA

land of a thousand hills coffee house mug

I first found out about Land of a Thousand Hills coffee when our church was selling bags of their coffee for a local mission.  Then I heard that they had a couple of coffee shops around Atlanta.  Those locations not being easily accessible to me, I kind of forgot about them…oops. To be fair, their … Continue reading

Seattle & Coffee

Starbucks Pike Place Store

Being a Southerner, when I think of Seattle, I think of rain (and possibly Grey’s Anatomy).  And what goes better with a cold rainy day than a nice warm cup of coffee? And what more natural a place for one of the world’s biggest coffee chains to be headquarters, yes, I’m talking about Starbucks. When I visited … Continue reading

Octane Coffee Grant Park & The Little Tart Bakeshop

octane coffee and little tart bakeshop--breakfast

Nestled in the hip neighborhood of Grant Park in Atlanta is a truly wonderful spot.  The Octane Coffee shop and bar that many Atlanta residents are familiar with from Midtown has multiplied and teamed up with The Little Tart Bakery.  Match made in Saturday morning heaven? Yes, I think so. Coffee, Bar, Bakery…what more could I ask for … Continue reading

Caffe Medici- Austin, TX

Mark was working in Austin recently and he came across a neat coffee shop.  I begged him to write about it in return for some movie reviews for his blog Movies, Films & Flix.  Obviously he agreed and now you get to check out this cool coffee haven. I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t … Continue reading

Mountain Perk- Hiawassee, GA

mountain perk- hiawassee ga

I love to go mountain biking, lucky for me the Appalachian Mountains are not far.  One of my favorite places to go is Jack Rabbit trails.  Now what could be better on the long drive home from North Carolina then a cup of coffee? Nothing I say. Mountain Perk Coffee House is the perfectly located on Highway 76 … Continue reading

Michaelee’s Chocolate Cafe- Hiawassee, GA

Not your typical coffee shop.  Michaelee’s Chocolate Caffe is actually a restaurant with a decadent dessert display in the back…and an espresso machine.  I highly suggest you stop by Michalee’s for a meal AND dessert.  I know Hiawassee, GA is kind of out of the way but many Floridians and inhabitants of the lower regions of Georgia … Continue reading

Heritage Coffee Company- Juneau, AK

Thank goodness for ports when you are on a cruise ship. Okay, so maybe I care about coffee too much and I should just drink whatever is available. It is caffeine either way after all.  Pshhhhhh. Why would I have this blog if I didn’t care  about how my coffee tastes? If you read my last post about … Continue reading

Caffe Lil Italy- Boston, MA

When you think of New England, well at least when we southerners who are not from New England think of the weather there, we typically think cool… often cold or downright freezing in the winter.  Well when I took a summer  trip there, boy was I surprised by how hot it was…and by the sunburn … Continue reading

Ketchikan Coffee Company- Ketchikan, AK

Yep, that’s right….this coffee shop is in the great state of Alaska.  After I graduated with my Master’s degree, I took a cruise of Alaska and it was one of the single most stunning places I have ever been to.  Everything about Alaska is just awe inspiring…except the coffee on the cruise ship.  Apparently on … Continue reading

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