Five Reasons Why…Coffee Alternatives are Good Too

WHA???!?! Yea I know, I thought the title sounded a bit crazy too but I wanted to get your attention.  No, I’m not sick.  Sleep deprived and in need of caffeine? Maybe.  No, definitely. So it has been really cold here lately, we are talking 40-ish during the day, aaaaalllllll day and actual freezing temperatures at … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why…I’m Ready for the Holidays

1. The cold weather is here and it is here to stay…well until Spring but you know what I mean.  What does that mean? Sweaters, scarves, boots, coats, fireplaces and the smell of burning wood 🙂 2. Two words: Gingerbread Latte. Yea, they are back…and so are the red cups.  And peppermint mochas (shhh, i … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why….You Should Grind Your Own Coffee

I always bought ground coffee because it was convenient and readily available (sometimes I still do if it is a good deal).  I never really thought about grinding my own coffee until I came across some specialty coffees that I wanted, but you could only buy a whole bean. If you know me, then you … Continue reading

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