25 Drinks And What They Should Actually Be Called

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
1. Bloody Mary: Slutty V8 2. Champagne: Looking Incredibly Classy And Chic While Getting Shithoused 3. Andre: Looking Incredibly Classy And Chic While Getting Shithoused, Extreme Couponing Edition 4. Light Domestic Beer: My Tastes And/Or Financial Standing Have Not Evolved Since Age 19 5. Green Juice: Make Sure Everyone Sees…

World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

I am all for going a little crazy when you reach ‘free drink status’ on your Starbucks card. It’s an excuse to add extra syrups, shots, toppings and calories. It only happens every 12 purchases, so why not live a little? All of that being said, I think that the person in this article, ‘How … Continue reading

Starbucks Frapp-Happy Hour is Back

That’s right, as we move into warmer weather, it is time to transition into colder coffee drinks.  Starbucks is here to help with that transition by offering HALF OFF ANY FRAPPUCCINO from May 3-12, during the hours of 3-5pm. With this promotion also come two seasonal frappuccinos-  the returning favorite,  mocha cookie crumble frapp (yum!) … Continue reading

Coffee, Chocolate, Beer

I am not a beer girl. I just never was into it…all beer tasted like beer to me and I was happy to continue that way of thinking, well, forever.  Then I met my fiance. Honestly, I’m still not at beer girl but you know what? But now I am enlightened and there are some darn delicious … Continue reading

Starbucks Holiday BOGO- 12/13-12/16 STARTS TODAY

Hey Starbucks fans. How you doin’ ? My guess is pretty good considering that Starbucks is doing a BOGO event TODAY (12/13) through Sunday (12/16) from 2pm-5pm each day.   So head over to your local SBUX with a friend for an afternoon pick-me-up! Can’t get enough of A Cup of Mo? | Mo on Facebook: LIKE … Continue reading

Fall Updates

Life is good. Here is what I’ve been up to lately-ish.   Travelling- That’s a reflection of the CN tower in Toronto Munching on buffets of chocolate (!!!) Fighting Cancer Picking Strawberries! Climbing Mountains (Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina) Visiting the Low Country for a sorority sister’s wedding weekend   Checking out the locals at the zoo … Continue reading

STOP…for Coffee

Hello Blogging World, it’s me, Mo. Do you remember me? I know that I am not around much but I miss blogging and my readers and exploring the world of coffee. EXCUSE ALERT: It’s just that I have been SOOOO busy lately…you know it’s been about 10 months since I started a new job and … Continue reading

Starbucks Runner Rewards

Do you work in an office? Or with any large group of people? Do you like coffee? Well then, you are in luck!   Starbucks has launched a ‘Runner Rewards Program‘ where someone goes and gets 4 cups of coffee for others and their cup is on the house! Download the form here and go convince your … Continue reading

Pumpkin’s Back at Caribou

Seriously guys? I think it is a bit too early.   Now…don’t get me wrong. I LOVE, capital L-O-V-E, the holidays.  But I dislike this trend of bumping up the decorations and fall foods and goodies earlier each year.  It is chipping away at the magic that is the holiday season.   image via Facebook … Continue reading

Friday Afternoon Fun

Here are some fun coffee links to make the rest of your Friday speed on  by… > Did you stop by Starbucks today for your free tall refresher? I did! I did! > Speaking of Starbucks Refreshers…I found an article addressing the ‘Green Coffee Extract‘ phenom that is currently taking over the health/food world (via … Continue reading

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