2013 Spring Rev Fest- It’s Back!

That’s right Atlanta friends….Rev Fest is back. So head on over to Smyrna on Saturday 4/13/13 for some coffee, music, food trucks and fun crafty things.   Can’t get enough of A Cup of Mo? | Mo on Facebook: LIKE Mo!  |   Advertisements

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House- Atlanta, GA

land of a thousand hills coffee house mug

I first found out about Land of a Thousand Hills coffee when our church was selling bags of their coffee for a local mission.  Then I heard that they had a couple of coffee shops around Atlanta.  Those locations not being easily accessible to me, I kind of forgot about them…oops. To be fair, their … Continue reading

Jonquil Blend- Rev Coffee Roasters

Rev has done it again. Not that my favorite local coffee shop has ever disappointed me…but still, I wanted you to know.   I love going to REV because the staff is knowledgeable and the coffee is delicious.  I was in need of a bag of coffee so I went to the experts to find a coffee … Continue reading

Octane Coffee Grant Park & The Little Tart Bakeshop

octane coffee and little tart bakeshop--breakfast

Nestled in the hip neighborhood of Grant Park in Atlanta is a truly wonderful spot.  The Octane Coffee shop and bar that many Atlanta residents are familiar with from Midtown has multiplied and teamed up with The Little Tart Bakery.  Match made in Saturday morning heaven? Yes, I think so. Coffee, Bar, Bakery…what more could I ask for … Continue reading

Investing in Your Blog

I came across this article on Atlanta Style Bloggers, An Investment: 4 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed.  I thought it was great and I wanted to share this with you in the circumstance that there are any bloggers or aspiring bloggers following me. There are lots of articles out there claiming that “…if you follow our steps … Continue reading

Sweetwater Coffeehouse- Sautee, GA

sweetwater coffeehouse exterior

Would you expect to find a cozy little coffee house in a valley in the North Georgia Mountains? Probably Not. Is this my favorite coffee house? Most definitely.

Weekend Sights, Sounds and Tastes

A review of the weekend in photos…

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company- Coffee Review

      Drink Coffee. Do Good. When our church announced that it was selling coffee during the month of July, you can guess who’s ears perked up.

Coffee Plus…Networking

Octane Atlanta

In my industry people LOVE to network…and why not? It is an excuse to meet interesting people who are interested and usually quite knowledgeable in the same things as you.  Typically these get together happen one of two places 1- Bars/Restaurants 2- Coffee shops Again, what’s not to love? Coffee AND adult beverages 🙂  Starbucks, … Continue reading

Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Cinnamon Coffee

I should be accused of blog neglect! I’m sorry for slacking lately, forgive me? Today in my cup, I bring you the obsession that I just haven’t been able to get over yet.  That’s right, I’m talking about cinnamon coffee again.  The last time I told you about cinnamon coffee, I was making it with Caribou Coffee Daybreak Blend. … Continue reading

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