Martini Monday: Mocha Coconut Martini

My love for mocha coconut coffee concoctions is no secret to you.  True story, I was in Barnes and Noble recently and asked for iced coconut mocha….and they didn’t have any. 😦 Bummer. I was sad for a total of 5 minutes, until I got in my car and was on to the next errand. Well I … Continue reading

Mocha Coconut Madness

I know that it isn’t summer anymore. But chocolate and coconut and of course coffee is one of my faaaaaavorite combinations, which you already know. Coconut is a winter flavor too people.  Sweet potato casserole, coconut cake at Christmas, anything dessert that looks like a snowman at the holidays, macaroons. See. Totally a holiday food. Now … Continue reading

REV Coffee Roasters Brazillian Blend…and a few other things

I’m going to give you 3 reasons to stop by REV if you are in the Atlanta area or are willing to take a little drive for delicious coffee:

Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Coco Lopez

Coco Lopez Mochas!

Recently I picked up a can of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut to make pina coladas.  If you haven’t tried it, this cream of coconut makes the best coladas and the recipe is really simple (and conveniently on the side of the can).  Sometimes I like to look at cans/boxes/packaging for recipes that are suggested for … Continue reading

Mitchell’s Coffee House- Lakeland, FL

A good friend and sorority sister of mine made a trip to Lakeland, FL recently and found a neat little coffee house!

Coffee Plus…A Good Book

Clive Cussler's Latest Books

I love the image of curling up on the couch (preferably by a fire) on a cool winter afternoon with a good book and a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa. The summertime version of that is getting sun on a lounge chair on the beach with a good book and an iced or … Continue reading

Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Iced Coconut Coffee

Favorite Pink Mug

Today I finally get to tell you about my coffee and coconut milk!  I know, my poor readers, you are probably sick of hearing about coconut milk and PureCoconut by Silk…I swear they are not endorsing me in any way…I just find products that I like and love to tell people about them, hoping that … Continue reading

I found it!

Hot diggity! I found the Silk PureCoconut after a week of asking all my local Publix stores, with my best pleading, pouty face if they would have my coconut milk or if they could get it.  Everyone seemed to know about the product but did not know when/if they would be stocking it.  Luckily I made … Continue reading

Silk Coffee Recipes

To follow up yesterday’s post about Silk PureCoconut I have some tasty looking coffee recipes

Silk PureCoconut

I was at an event this weekend where I had a chance to try Silk PureCoconut, an all natural coconut milk that is low in fat, calories and sugar.  I already love Silk soy milk and their other lactose free products because they are low in fat and cholesterol.  However, the coconut milk takes the … Continue reading

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