Friday Finds

1. Summer is almost here…I think it is time to test out this Mini Key Lime Scones recipe! 2. Hello Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks, where have you been all of my life?? 3. What goes great with your morning coffee? Why whole wheat toast and homemade chocolate almond butter of course! (recipe here) 4. Now those are words to … Continue reading

Frappy Hour

Hello Starbucks Lovers. This post is for you. Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour is back.  From May 4-13 during the hours of 3-5pm you can get any Frappuccino for half price. via Oh and apparently there is a new frappuccino in town. Behold the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. It looks lovely. Almost as lovely as my beloved ultimate … Continue reading

Mocha Coconut Madness

I know that it isn’t summer anymore. But chocolate and coconut and of course coffee is one of my faaaaaavorite combinations, which you already know. Coconut is a winter flavor too people.  Sweet potato casserole, coconut cake at Christmas, anything dessert that looks like a snowman at the holidays, macaroons. See. Totally a holiday food. Now … Continue reading

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

I was in need of a little caffeine help this afternoon while running errands.  The last time I was at Starbucks I saw the ad for their salted caramel mocha.  Today was a little warmer than lately so I opted for the nonfat salted caramel mocha frappuccino.  It was really tasty! A little on the … Continue reading

Caffeine Fix

fresh market chocolate covered espresso beans

Happy Hump Day…here are few things that will hopefully get you through today and into the homestretch before the weekend!

Sweet Summertime

Caribou Summer Card

It’s almost that time of year….yay Summertime!  This means more laying out by the pool, summer reading, tans, tropical drinks, flip flops and……Summer Coffee Drinks!  Okay, so maybe you aren’t as excited as I am, but I’m allowed, I’m a coffee geek.  I really love the changing of any season in the coffee world because … Continue reading

Wednesday What’s in Mo’s Cup- Starbucks Coconut Mocha Frapp & a Cake Pop

Wednesday What's in Mo's Cup- Tiramisu Cake Pop and Coconut Mocha Frapp!

Busy days like today are just what drive-thru coffee was made for! Between work, emergency trips to the grocery store, household tidying, lunch, post-work meetings and company coming to visit later…there is just no time to make a fancy cup of coffee!  Luckily there is a drive-thru at my local Starbucks, Woo Hoo! In less … Continue reading

Gas Station Coffee Adventures

Seattle's Best Coffee- Iced Latte in a Can

Have you ever been on a road trip… getting tired, in need of a caffinated beverage, but you don’t know where you are and you haven’t seen your coffee chain of choice in a while?  Gas stations can be the answer to your dilemma!  I never thought of getting a pretentious latte at a gas station- … Continue reading

Update: Toasted Coconut Mochas

toasted coconut mocha frappuccino

  So if you saw my recent post on Macadamia Coconut Mochas from Caribou Coffee then you have already heard me describe my love for the espresso, chocolate, coffee combo that is oh so refreshing in the summertime.  If you read that post then you also heard me complaining, mildly, about how Starbucks used to carry a … Continue reading

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