Friday Finds

1. Summer is almost here…I think it is time to test out this Mini Key Lime Scones recipe! 2. Hello Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino from Starbucks, where have you been all of my life?? 3. What goes great with your morning coffee? Why whole wheat toast and homemade chocolate almond butter of course! (recipe here) 4. Now those are words to … Continue reading

Keep Calm…

My fabulous friend Lacey, of the uber essential style blog A Lacey Perspective, introduced me to the Bloomingdale’s coffee pinterest board today. Clearly I found a few things that I like 🙂  You probably will too if you read this blog! For more coffee pinteresting check out my page for recipes, coffee ideas and fun … Continue reading

MoLovesCoffee on Pinterest

Pinterest is every over organizers and slightly OCD person’s dream.  A site where you can create ‘pin boards’ and ‘pin’ content to them.  I absolutely love this site. I can keep design ideas for graphics, recipes, design ideas for home, and blog inspiration all categorized in their own areas while sharing it with others.  You can … Continue reading

  • Mo Wants You!

    Have you found an interesting/quirky/fun/tasty coffee shop in your travels? Let Mo know! Send an email with your find to and I'll work it into a post. Thanks fellow coffee addicts!
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