World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

I am all for going a little crazy when you reach ‘free drink status’ on your Starbucks card. It’s an excuse to add extra syrups, shots, toppings and calories. It only happens every 12 purchases, so why not live a little? All of that being said, I think that the person in this article, ‘How … Continue reading

Starbucks Holiday BOGO- 12/13-12/16 STARTS TODAY

Hey Starbucks fans. How you doin’ ? My guess is pretty good considering that Starbucks is doing a BOGO event TODAY (12/13) through Sunday (12/16) from 2pm-5pm each day.   So head over to your local SBUX with a friend for an afternoon pick-me-up! Can’t get enough of A Cup of Mo? | Mo on Facebook: LIKE … Continue reading

Starbucks Bling

So I posted yesterday about the Limited Edition Starbucks Steel card…which for the record, I think is ridiculous.   After seeing that card and it’s $450 price tag, this post should really not be all that surprising. Starbucks has moved its positioning from coffee expert to luxury goods brand so seamlessly it is scary. Does … Continue reading

Starbucks Steel Card- Have They Gone Too Far?

I’d like your opinion on something.  Please take a look at the image below. I got this in my inbox today and while I love me some overpriced lattes on occasion, I just don’t know how to feel about the new *limited edition* Starbucks Steel card. What am I talking about? Today Starbucks unveiled a … Continue reading

Starbucks Sharing BOGO

You better run to your local Starbucks today (11/15) through 11/18/12 for some Starbucks BOGO. This doesn’t happen very often folks.  Go to a Starbucks store between 2-5pm, bring a friend and get one drink free.   Also, who can resist those cute holiday/winter red cups????   I know where I’ll be this weekend! Can’t … Continue reading

Starbucks Runner Rewards

Do you work in an office? Or with any large group of people? Do you like coffee? Well then, you are in luck!   Starbucks has launched a ‘Runner Rewards Program‘ where someone goes and gets 4 cups of coffee for others and their cup is on the house! Download the form here and go convince your … Continue reading

Pumpkin Returns to Starbucks

  Well, with last week’s pumpkin announcement from Caribou, you knew Starbucks couldn’t be far behind with a similar statement.  All I can say is, at least they are holding off a few more weeks…which puts us a few days closer to Fall. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL) will be coming to a white and green cup … Continue reading

Starbucks Secret Menu

  You might or might not have heard about this….it is, after all….a secret.   Well, kind of but not really since it was aired on tv, and splashed all across the internet.  But if you haven’t heard or you just need a reminder, here it is. I (of course) have tried several of these options … Continue reading

Starbucks Refreshers

Seriously, do I talk about Starbucks too much? Oh well, too bad. It is convenient for me and I actually like their products…especially with their widening of product lines recently.  Which leads me to… Starbucks Refreshers.  The beau and I took a vacation to Florida last week and (of course) made several stops at Starbucks … Continue reading

Frappy Hour

Hello Starbucks Lovers. This post is for you. Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour is back.  From May 4-13 during the hours of 3-5pm you can get any Frappuccino for half price. via Oh and apparently there is a new frappuccino in town. Behold the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. It looks lovely. Almost as lovely as my beloved ultimate … Continue reading

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