Coffee Portraits

Found on Colossal: I love this website. If you like photography or interesting artsy finds, definitely subscribe to their feed…and prepared to be amazed daily.  Really, really. Today I bring to you, very detailed and beautiful coffee art. I’m just giving you a teaser here, for the whole post visit the good folks over at Colossal. Link … Continue reading

Caffeine Fix

fresh market chocolate covered espresso beans

Happy Hump Day…here are few things that will hopefully get you through today and into the homestretch before the weekend!

“Hi…Do you want some coffee?”

Yes Seattle’s Best, I’d love some coffee, thanks. 🙂 Seattle’s Best Coffee has some new ads out that are really great and enjoyable.  I’m always in the mood for some coffee, but this video in particular really makes me want to run out to the nearest Border’s Bookstore (we don’t have many stand-alone Seattle’s Best … Continue reading

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